My dear fellow soldiers and colleagues, as you know my name is Col. John Smith and I am the Head of Training Academy for the German Army for almost 10 years.  It is now 03 years for my retirement and the fear of leaving this beautiful place is a nightmare for me. During the entire career of 22 years with the German Army, my best era is at the Training Academy, where I applied myself and share my experience with the young soldiers and help them in making a strong man serve their country.  This is a special feeling for me that I am part of the German Army and serving and building the future for my country.

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Being the Head of Academy, I not only have to supervise the training and exercise of the soldiers but also are responsible for every administrative issue or problem.  There several senior officers working with me, but there is a unity of command in the institute and everyone has to follow the rule of thumb.    For every amendment, renovation, or change in the Academy is my responsibility and I feel proud to supervise things and give my soldiers a peaceful and smooth environment and provide their every possible facility.

Last month, I got a complaint from the Gym Trainer that some of the fitness machines are getting old and we need to get them repaired or replace them.  I decided to make a visit to the GYM and see the facilities there myself.  During the visit, I used different machines myself and noticed that at least 03 of the machines needs replacement immediately as they might cause danger to any of our soldiers.   I immediately asked the Gym Trainer to remove those three machines from the Gym and submit a formal request for the replacement.   I stand there until I saw the machines are removed and address the soldiers, busy in the exercise, that you will get the new one as soon as possible.  I have also asked the Trainer to come to my room for approval formalities.

The next day, I and Trainer have mutually agreed to go for the Sportstech Fitness Products, as they are the best and reliable in town, and also offer a discount of 50% through Sportstech Gutscheincode.

The Trainer has placed the order from my laptop machine and get a confirmation number from the company within 10 minutes.  I have asked the Trainer to get several Customer Service Department and ask them to speak to me.   When I introduced myself to the customer Service Officer, he promised me to make arrangements for urgent delivery and will also make a special discount for the German Army of 10% which will reduce the cost to almost 50%.  It is an attractive promise from the Officer and I appreciate his efforts and service.

Surprisingly, all the three machines are delivered the very next day and we got the amended bill at 50% discount and with 10 years warranty.   The machines were placed at the Gym by the representatives of Sportstech and offer a monthly Service for the machines from their Engineers.

Now the Service Team of SportTech visits the Academy on a monthly and performs service under the supervision of the Gym Trainer, with a copy of the report to me.

It was an excellent offer from SportsTech which compete with the standards of the Academy and every single Soldier and senior personnel is happy and satisfied with their products.

SportsTech really deserves an appreciation which helps me in keeping my employees happy and excited.

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