What are you doing?

It turns out that people are like, super judgemental a lot of the time, about all kinds of things. That includes us. We are going around and eating breakfast at places and then making judgements about it. But in a fun way, not in a “that woman has a face like a dropped pie” way.

Are your breakfasts paid for by the restaurants?

Ah, no. We head along with actual money and hand it over at the beginning or end of our meal in exchange for food.

Do you do any paid endorsements?

No. The content of our judgements will never be influenced by any sort of payment, whether it’s monetary, free food or something else. All of the opinions we have are true (the way in which we write them may engage some artistic license). In the event that we are receiving some benefit in return for our opinion, we will do so with full disclosure.

Can you judge my favourite breakfast?

We can surely try! Head on over to our suggestion form and send your favourites through. We do have quite a substantial list though, so think of it like a juke box that may or may not end up playing your song.

What are your food credentials?

Eating, mostly. We don’t have any food credentials. The purpose of this blog is not to provide critical feedback on the aspects of food we don’t understand – which is pretty much anything beyond ‘it looked nice’ and ‘it tasted good’. We want our readers to be able to look at our judgement, decide they can (or can’t) relate to it and then try the food (or not). Food isn’t the only thing we judge in our daily life, but it’s the most delicious.

Who are you?

We met when we worked in local government together some years ago and bonded mostly over mutual displeasure. Robyn is a communications, publicity and events pro, whilst Anna has a marketing, social media and development background. We both write as part of our ‘normal’ jobs, but not as much as we would like, hence the website. You can find out a bit more about us here.

Aren’t you scared someone will spit in your food?

We hope that potential judgees will recognise that although our style is a little different, we are completely frank and honest about our enjoyment of our food. If the food is awesome, we will go tell it on the mountain*. If it isn’t awesome, we will say so. We’re not food critics, we’re experience judgers and we’re looking for great experiences (culinary or otherwise). If someone doesn’t like the kinds of things we write and thinks spitting in our food is a reasonable way to express that, then maybe they misunderstand ‘great experience’.

* Too lazy to actually climb the mountain.

Do you judge anything else?

So many things. Stay tuned.