I had read several reviews on Jack & Daisy, and to be honest I had no idea what to expect. Some said it was great, others rubbish. Some complained of poor service, crap food and terrible ambience. Others proclaimed that if the cafe were a person they would allow them to babysit their infant child, thus proclaiming how reliable, perfect and wonderful it was.

Jack & Daisy breakfast in Pascoe Vale best breakfast in Melbourne!

So, because today I have an inflated ego, let us say that this review shall be considered the review of all reviews. The pinnacle, you might say.

Sitting along a road that seems to be predominantly residential, I don’t think I’m out of line when I assume Jack & Daisy’s is a local fave. I was surprised when I walked in to see a split level set up, with the coffee counter and register in the lower part and the kitchen and dining space three steps up. There is also a somewhat ‘hidden room’ to the left of the entry which feels like a bit of a private dining space, even though it’s not really. I instantly loved how they were able to create three different atmospheres in the one cafe. Hurrah so far!

I love walking up stairs, so of course I opted to head up to the ‘kitchen’ level to take a seat.

Jack & Daisy is a great breakfast spot in Pascoe Vale

So friendly and generous was the service that it was only seconds until someone was there taking our coffee orders and asking us how our morning had been. Lovely!

The menu is solid enough to offer many options to cater for all kinds of dietary needs, but not so big that you can’t decide, which was ideal because I had a headache at the time of review and was in no mood to ponder.

I was, however, in the mood to be a bitch, and I was to one of the waitresses who was actually being delightfully helpful to me. I had a bit of a whine because if I wanted to substitute smoked salmon for bacon I would not actually be substituting, but would be paying extra for bacon and just losing the salmon. For everyone reading this, that does not equate to a substitute. That equates to me paying for salmon I do not have.

So of course I went all sour faced and asked for one more minute to decide. It was at this point that it began to occur to me that Jack & Daisy’s wasn’t like other cafes, because exactly one minute late the waitress came back and asked if I were ready. This was the first time in my entire life when, after sending wait staff away, they actually return and don’t leave for twenty minutes, resulting in me flailing my arms about and throwing balled up napkins in a desperate attempt to get their attention for their return.

I still wasn’t ready. I asked for two more minutes, and guess what? Two minutes later she was back, pen poised and keen to still be nice to me after I was a cow.

Ordering the herbed mushrooms with feta, rocket and sourdough, but opting to add all the extras, our coffees arrived and they were cold. Shame. Not ice cold, but more lukewarm. It was my partners birthday so I decided to be a bit twee and excused myself from the table to ask if I could have a candle shoved into the top of the pancake stack. Without even one doubtful blink the beautiful girls behind the counter gushed that this was no problem at all, and jumped onto the heady task before I had even returned to my seat.

Jack & Daisy poached eggs herbed mushrooms breakfast

The food arrived, one with an abundance of colors and fragrances, and the other with a color complimenting candle stuck on top. It was then that three waitresses took their turn in coming around to wish him a happy birthday and touch him on the shoulder like they actually liked him, which was lovely. It also brightened up his day to have three beautiful women touch him in such short succession.

The food was fabulous. The eggs were spot on, the mushrooms, although I was expecting whole buttons mushrooms, we’re perfectly marinated and the herbed feta was brilliant. The chorizo, although slightly overcooked, was the perfect addition to this otherwise vegetarian meal, and to be honest even though I loved it, if I hadn’t have ordered the chorizo I would have gushed over this dish just as much. The dish also comes with a slight drizzle of some sort of jus which, quite frankly, is bloody awesome.

Basically, I’m going to say this: if you don’t like this place you may actually be somewhat cray cray. Even with a bad attitude I loved it. Right down to the lullaby music playing in the background, this place has thought of everything. Sure, it may get a bit loud if there’s a screaming baby in there, but unless you’re eating somewhere smothered in carpet then I suspect you’ll have this issue in most cafes.

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