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First, boil the kettle. If you don’t have a kettle you’ll need to use your microwave to zap about an inch of water until it’s boiling.

While that’s happening, get your muffins in the toaster. Trust us, by the time they pop your egg will be ready to roll.

Once your water is boiled and in the cup, take your egg poaching pouch and pop it in the water, so the narrow bottom part goes for a bit of a swim. A hot swim. Crack your egg directly into the pouch. If your water is hot enough you’ll notice the egg white starting to cook. This is a good sign, well done! Now whack the egg – cup and all – in the microwave and cook on high for 30 seconds.

While it’s cooking, your muffin will have shot out of the toaster in the typical aggressive fashion we’ve come to expect from toasters. Slap on a bit of free range Virginian ham, slice up some avocado and pop it on the side of the plate and get ready to dollop your aioli on the poachie.

Beep! Egg is done! Take it out, give it a quick drip dry and serve immediately.

It’s time for that dollop of fancy garlic aioli and a cheeky grin. Go on, go in there and impress your boss – you just poached an egg in a microwave, dammit! That deserves a promotion.

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