Congratulations to all the amazing major winners, especially the exceptional Eden Riley of Edenland, which took out the best overall blog award. You can see the full list here.

The ‘new blog’ criteria was a blog less than 6 months old (as well as being outstanding, obviously). We snuck in by 4 days, so we thought it could be fun* to do a bit of statistical analysis of our past six months, because if anything is a good way to spend the weekend, it’s statistical analysis. Here are some highlights:

We have eaten at more than 100 cafes and restaurants and McDonald’s.

We’ve eaten 192 poached eggs. That’s about 13,000 calories worth of poached egg.

We’ve eaten 28 pancakes, including one batch that we made at home.

We’ve eaten 61 avocados. We’re told that this will keep us looking youthful until the end of time.

We’ve eaten in 71 different suburbs. 68 of these are in Melbourne. The furthest we’ve travelled to eat breakfast is Canberra.

We’ve never had food poisoning.

We’ve had breakfast with 15 guests.

We’ve taken more than 2,000 photos of breakfast.

The most breakfasts we’ve had in one day is three.

The most we’ve paid for one breakfast is $28.50 at Little Ox.

The least we’ve paid for one breakfast is $8.90 at Third Wave Cafe.

We’ve spent a total of $1,488 on breakfast.

And we’ve bloody loved it!

Our huge thanks to everyone who has read and enjoyed our blog during this time. We haven’t always given popular opinions and occasionally we’ve genuinely offended people, but on the whole we have eaten lots, laughed lots, written lots and met so many brilliant folk. It’s amazing and so lovely that in this completely saturated food blogging market, something we’re doing resonated. Thank you!

Tell us your favourite breakfast judgement of the past 6 months?



  1. Tegan @ Style Chic

    Only found you yesterday and so happy I did! Those bfasts look ah. mazing. What a perfect excuse to eat bfast out ALL the time!
    Look forward to many more to come and congrats :)
    xx tegan

  2. Kim McDang

    Congrats for taking out Best New Blog. Very much deserved. Your blog looks like it’s been around for years (in a good way!).
    You lead a tough life eating sooo many breakies. Tough, tough life….