Once a year, tiny people make a mess in the kitchen and then inevitably spill things when they enter the bedroom. They call this day 'Mother's Day', because it's a day when mothers only have to make two meals instead of three. My children are pretty excellent at it.

I have extraordinarily sweet, well meaning children who have basic kitchen skills. They’re allowed to use the toaster, the sandwich press and the microwave, as long as they’re safe about getting hot things out. We’ve also been exploring the wonder that is Kraft Whipped Peanut Butter – I now have a tub at home and one at work – and have been whoring ourselves stupid on it, so their choice was sound.

The square split crumpets are the best, and I didn’t even have to buy them! In fact, I have no idea where they came from! I can only assume that my kids have been visiting the black crumpet market instead of going to Before School Care, which to be honest I am pretty fine with as long as they keep letting me eat said black market crumpets.

The service at the Mother’s Day restaurant was good, though I waited a long time between waking and my breakfast’s arrival. This could reasonably be attributed to the fact that I didn’t let them know I was awake, as I was pretending to have a sleep in, so I won’t deduct any stars for the tardiness. Both waitresses were helpful and pleasant in their manner, but I did find it a little odd that they chose to climb into bed with me without being invited – a perk I usually reserve for men in hot pants and fluffy dogs. I would describe their manner as “excitable”, particularly as they came bearing armfuls of gifts. It may surprise you to learn that this is the first time I’ve been served breakfasts with gifts.

Orange juice, crumpets with whipped peanut butter, a sapphire bracelet, ruby earrings, a dollar coin and a plastic flower

The food was served on a lovely pizza baking tray, which being Teflon was quite slidey. Fortunately the waitresses were clever enough to bring the juice in separately, so as not to have it crash to the floor.

The crumpets were a little undercooked – I would guess that the toaster was set to ’3′, when an ideal crumpet cooking setting is just a bit more than ’4′. That gave them the kind of doughy consistency that makes them very filling and a little like cake. However, the serving was generous and the crumpets had been pre-split for my convenience. These must have been Golden brand crumpets, with generous, cavernous peanut butter catchments and crispy edges.

Kraft’s Whipped Peanut Butter is even more delicious on hot crumpets than regular peanut butter, if you can believe it. The lighter than air texture makes it a bit like that dreadful white/brown chocolate spread we used to have, but it’s peanutty and very gooey. Two crumpets might have been half a crumpet too many, but I would rather be sick for the whole day than leave any Mother’s Day breakfast behind.

The orange juice was Daily Juice Company, which always has just the right amount of pulpy goodness.

On the whole, this was a commendable effort by two enthusiastic and delightful chef/waitresses, and I hope to return to this restaurant year on year for as long as they’ll let me.

Anna Spargo-Ryan

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  1. Helen

    I wonder if they take bookings….

    Glad you had a Fantabulous Mother’s Day Anna – you deserve it!! And I do like the bit about men in hot pants and fluffy dogs… although without the comma – my mind did go a little crazy before giggling!!

    Have a great rest of your day!!


  2. Anna


    Thanks ladies :) It was such a lovely morning, they are dear hearts!

    Cara, the dollar coin was my favourite too! It was wrapped up and everything :D

    Helen, they are booked out well in advance I’m afraid ;) Maybe you can reserve a spot for 75 years from now? ;)