My first thought this morning was, "Golly, I hope I go to a cafe in the dark this morning and then take out of focus photos that are barely salvageable!" And so it was. I was overjoyed when I read that 30 Mill opens at 6:30am. Early morning is the only time of day when my thoughts are uncluttered and my diary is free, and I love nothing more than going to breakfast in the dark. I'm being serious.

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30 Mill Espresso does not serve eggs. Or any other cooked breakfasts. It is only a little place, and when I was there the same guy took my order, brought me my water, made my breakfast and gave me my change. He was nice enough to me, but he was extra nice to the regulars. And then it dawned on me – this is the place you come if you’re a local. This is the local’s ‘place I go to get my coffee before my daily commute.’ It’s not a breakfaster’s place or a place you come to from Heidelberg West or a place you go on a date.

So I sat awkwardly in the corner with my smashed avocado and took horrible, dreadful photos of it. Regulars came and went, and the floppy-haired multi-tasker dude got all of their coffee orders right first go. He smiled and chatted. The wind blew a cold gust through the open windows and I shivered but no one noticed. I was a total outsider.

The avocado was pretty obviously prepared in advance and plopped on to some nice toast, but regardless it was very tasty. It had a great texture and the combination of cheeses gave it a subtle but interesting sharpness. The half lemon in its own little dish was a bit strange, but I gave it a name and took it home with me as was expected of me.

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So this little place gets a little judgement. What more can really be said about a partially hidden cafe that caters so vehemently to the repeat custom of its locals? It was a nice place to sit in the early morning on a rainy day, and were I a local, I would probably visit repeatedly.

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