Feeling flirty, I donned my best false eyelashes and colour blocking nail polish and headed to Coin Laundry, which had opened for 2012 since the last time I tried to eat there. After reports of extreme waits for tables, I came prepared with a battering ram, but because it was 7:30am on a Tuesday it was not required. We got a table by the open door and although our menus blew away a few times, the breeze was lovely.

Coin Laundry Armadale breakfast

Of all the cafes I’ve read about online lately – and there have been many, as I’ve been comparing the genius of my judgements to the clear inferiority of other reviews – Coin Laundry has received the most attention. People say things like “funky new kid on the block” and “the place you should go because your mum won’t be cool enough to find you there”, or maybe I am paraphrasing. Either way, it is certainly popular, as evidenced by the people who walked in and later walked out again.

Coin Laundry doesn’t have poxy things like ‘pancakes’ on its menu. In all honesty, I am more or less ready to throw in the pancake towel and admit defeat – obviously pancakes just aren’t cool anymore. As a substitute, I chose the corn and manchego fritters with guacamole, corn, cucumber and tomato salsa because they are round and so are pancakes. For those of you who have been living under a rock or just in normal society, this is what Wikipedia has to say about manchego:

Manchego (officially Queso Manchego) is a cheese made in the La Mancha region of Spain from the milk of sheep of the Manchega breed, which is aged for between 60 days and two years.

In other words, you can’t even afford to look at this cheese. It is the cheese of gods and you are a mere pilgrim to this cheese. La Mancha! That was that play that one dude was in, right? God, he was so rich.

I don’t usually go in for tomatoes or any other type of vegetable, but they did bring the rainbow to this dish. The corn was so yellow, the rocket so green, the tomato so red and the guacamole also quite green but more pastel. I took bloody hundreds of photos of it before, during and after I ate it, I was that enamoured by the way it looked.

The corn fritters had a delicious subtlety about them and I could have eaten them all day long (were they not incredibly filling and satisfying), but the guacamole was the obnoxious drunken uncle who stormed in right when she was about to go down on you and ruined everything. It had an overwhelming vinegar taste about it. The salsa balanced it out though, so make sure you pop some of that on your fork.

Coin Laundry is generous on the serving sizes though, and I was full after one and a half fritters. And the customer service was excellent, which I’m sorry to admit surprised me, as I’d been led to believe that Coin Laundry is full of hipsters and that hipsters ruin everything.


$16.50. Considering the size of the serving and just how full I was afterward, I felt this to be quite good value.

These are banana and something muffins.

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