In 2009, when we lived in Ormond and frequented the most excellent Thai food on Koornang Road, someone put up a sign for a 'bagelry'. First I went "What the hell is a bagelry?" but after that I went "Holy Jesus I love bagelries!" Huff Bagelry has proved a roaring success, and I'm so grateful.

Huff is Koornang Road’s breakfast mecca, and with good reason. The ingredients are fresh like they’ve just grown them out in the courtyard and the bagels are superior even to those at Glicks, which is saying something.

There are a few things I don’t like about it, like the poster describing the various ways in which the owners hate children, and the way they don’t stock Phoenix organic juice anymore, but at the end of the day it’s darn good eating, and that’s what matters.

It was much too hot for poached eggs this morning, so I took some creative license and put the egg, ham and avocado inside a bagel. I had a pizza bagel, toasted, and then extended myself and added rocket because it’s important to get five serves of vegetables every day. We had to wait a bit for a seat outside (alarmingly no one will let you take dogs inside cafes anymore) and then a bit longer for the jerk who stole it from under our noses to give it back.

Please, Anna, I don't want to read any more of the quiz.


Huff’s bagels are always overflowing with ingredients, and then when you put your knife and fork in them they spill everywhere and you spontaneously ovulate and give birth to bagel babies. Everything looks amazing and fresh and delicious.


I always choose the pizza bagel because the cheese melts and the tomato paste gets hot and it is amazing. If I could commit my life to a pizza bagel, I would. Huff boasts some seriously good pizza bagels.

Hash browns

This isn’t KFC – my bagel did not contain hash browns.


The guac was made from perfectly ripened avocados and seasoned just so.


Layers and layers of rippled shaved ham. It was the Vienetta of ham bagels. Fresh and tasty and not a hint of the fatty insides I’ve had of late (in ham, I mean).


Huff does an egg salad that comprises part egg, part magic, part mayonnaise and part nostalgia. If my nanna had made egg salad this good, I might have stayed in Adelaide forever. The first time I ever put ham and egg in the same bagel, it was because I couldn’t decide which one looked more delicious – as it turns out, the sum is greater than its parts. The egg both carries and completes the bagel experience.


Mine was $10.50, and the juice was $3.50, which I found to be a very reasonable price for what was essentially a mouth orgasm.

Judging your breakfast

Gaz had the BRT (bacon, rocket, tomato and aioli) on a poppyseed bagel and his eyes bulged so far out of his head that I thought I was going to have to call for the doctor.

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  1. J

    I disagree with your comments regarding the sign about the children. the place is small, often extremely busy and to be honest, as an adult who chooses not to have children, more places should follow the lead they have here the sign is not offensive and highlights the fact that many people who tend to head out for breakfast are clearly there for the experience… i’m sure to some extent you agree with this, however – this comment is not to detract from your review – which honestly i agree with – Huff is a once every now and then super special treat for me, and the atmosphere is part of the treat….