I appreciate Capital Kitchen for what it has brought to my shopping experience: I can arrive at Chadstone before the crowds, eat some decent not-food-court breakfast and then participate in the economy at a leisurely pace. Unfortunately it seems that the Christmas rush has caused it some serious stress and the food has suffered as a result.

To be fair, I was also there on Thursday night and the food was excellent (I had the cheeseburger after my friend forgot to listen to me when I said ‘chicken burger’), but this morning’s effort was dismal in almost all aspects.

I guess it’s not really their fault that there are no hash browns on the menu, but it would have been nice of them to make it up to me in other ways, like with food that was cooked properly.


Completely uninspired, no garnish (!). Really just plonked on a plate and thrown at the table from a distance.


One piece of toast, cold and hard at the edges. I had to saw through it like a commoner.

Hash brown



Mysteriously it was simultaneously rock hard and slimy. I got a lot of it, but for the most part it was inedible.


Plenty of reasonably good quality but uncooked ham.


Just a major disappointment. I don’t know if you can tell in the photo, but they were cooked within an inch of their lives and had turned into something resembling tight little testicles. Poached eggs should never be testicles! And they were almost flavourless.


A great deal more than I would have preferred to pay for this poor excuse for breakfast – $17 for the egg fiasco and $4.50 for juice.


I also bought a chocolate cookie crumble and almond muffin ($4) to eat later on, and it was spectacular.

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  1. Mikaela Black

    Firstly, did you speak to any of the staff members about your breakfast? Did you say that the toast was cold, the ham was undercooked or your avocado was slimy? If you did, then maybe just maybe you would have been reimbursed, or given a new meal plus a coffee on the house. Your "problem" may have just been fixed. How is a restaurant/cafe meant to know when they stuff up if you don't speak up? Please, tell me that.

    Secondly, they Capital Kitchen DOES NOT sell hash browns. Never have. That is the reason is was probably absent…

    The juice was not $4.50. It was either $4 or $3.5 depending on what you got. Don't lie…
    Poached eggs on sourdough toast is $9, plus $3 for avocado and $4 for ham. $16.. you're not very good at adding, are you?

    I go there quite often, and if I have a problem I speak to a staff member and they will fix it immediately. Quit your complaining.

    • Anna Spargo-Ryan

      Mikaela, I did speak to the staff about all of the issues I had. As I mentioned, I have frequented Capital Kitchen since it opened, and not only because they don't complain at me if I plug my laptop in and bug them for an entire day. The experience I've had here is obviously due to the Christmas rush, which I've also said. There were so many people eating there on this particular day that I thought I was at a rave party.

      Capital Kitchen is one of the places on my list to revisit, as is Junto. They are mid-range, generally good quality establishments that for various reasons had off days.

      Let's hug!